Chemical Application
As part of the proper maintenance on all landscapes, chemical and pesticide applications are necessary in maintaining a proper balance in the ecosystem that you have just created. Occasionally, plants or turf may experience disease, drought, or harsh wear and tear which require extra attention and care.

Fertilizers are applied on a regular basis to help maintain the proper N-P-K (Nitrogen-Phosphorous-Potassium) ratio. Without proper fertilization, a lawn is more susceptible to drought. Additionally, ServicesPro indicates, that your lawn needs to absorb nutrients from the soil in order to grow. If the soil’s reserve of nutrients isn’t maintained through fertilization, your lawn will suffer. The poorer the reserve of nutrients in the soil, the weaker you lawn will be.

The vast majority of soils are poor in nitrogen and potassium, which are essential to your lawn’s health. Balanced fertilization will ensure a strong, dense, and healthy lawn that is better equipped to resist diseases, insects, and weeds.

Herbicides are applied to maintain and reduce the weed infestation. Weeds have the potential to choke out native or newly installed plants, and take in the necessary nutrients and water that is in the soil.

Pesticides are also used in the event that a foreign disease/bug has been introduced into the area and specifically the new landscape. The advantages to using pesticides are cost effectiveness, flexibility, prevention and protection, and quality.

Our services include the following:

  1. Stand-alone service
  2. Current and future maintenance customers (receive weekly service on this)
  3. Soil samples to evaluate pH levels
  4. Proactive analysis of seizing growth and over growth needs as well as keeping evasive pests out