Flower Arrangements
Spring and fall specifically are wonderful times of the year to feel the seasons change drastically and to see the numerous amount of colors all around us! Our dedicated design staff goes to great length to ensure we can add more beauty to that of what is already taking place on your property from your trees budding to bulbs coming up out of the ground!

Process of flower arrangement:

After consulting with you (the decision maker):

  1. Our design staff goes to the drawing board and drafts up a design of each bed.
  2. Once the design is done, the process of what types of plants will be used is selected and inserted into the design.
  3. While planning out which plants go in which locations, the consideration for spacing, lighting, temperature, and water all have to be taken into account so that the flowers that are planted will have an optimal opportunity to grow and thrive.
  4. Finally, once the design and selection of plants is done, the color selections are made. This is usually based on using (3) different plants that are all different sizes and shapes and offer something unique to the existing landscape.

Upon completion of the design and selections, our design staff will present everything to you for your final approval. With the opportunity to review it in person and see the information about each plant, we are confident that we will have selected what you are looking for and created accents of beauty and attraction for you and everyone else to adore!