Irrigation Services
Irrigation systems are integral to the health and long term success of your beautiful landscape. Plants and turf require a consistent amount of water. Whether you have an existing irrigation system, or need a new one, we have the experience and understanding of what will help your system to become more efficient or, how we can get the most out of using an irrigation system on your property.

Smart irrigation practices begins with the background of the individual. Having gone through extensive training and practice, we have completed the Rainbird Irrigation Training Academy in the State of Illinois. Additionally the implementation of Smart Controllers, and water and energy efficient heads make a system more consistent in its everyday use.

Our plan of action when we get on site is:

  1. Keep the current system (if applicable) in proper working order
  2. Evaluate the system on a continual basis for efficiency and cost savings
  3. Annual audits performed

Our process for each of our clients includes the following:

  1. Activation in Spring
  2. Inspections
  3. Winterization
  4. Repairs
  5. Renovation of Zones (based on need)
  6. Soil samples taken to verify watering needs and issues

RainBird Academy Training Certification